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For me the most important thing about being a wedding photographer is who you are. This is a job of relationships, not just somebody taking photographs. I believe it’s a wedding, not a photoshoot; and I am devoted to telling the real story of the day. I feel that there is beauty in truth, and if your event was a hoot your photos will reflect that. If it was sweet and emotional, the pictures will tell that story, too. 

My calming energy and my ease help me to stand out as someone who can help to relax the nerves and reduce stress around an already demanding day. Gary is a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes. Please contact Gary to check availability today. 

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Some of last years stories built in....

- Sorrento, Italy

- Verona, Italy

- Barcelona, Spain

- Ibiza, Spain

- Dublin, Ireland

- Modanella, Tuscany

- Nice, France

Elixir Ibiza Wedding 

Elixir Ibiza with Emma & Ben

I was lucky enough to be chosen to document Emma and Bens wedding story at the end of May in Ibiza, on the back of photographing a number of their friends' weddings over the past years, it's always an honour to be a destination wedding photographer based in the UK.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Bedfordshire then please do get in touch, it would be an absolute pleasure to talk about your wedding day....