Moved from a Summer to Winter Wedding? Don’t worry….

Summer to Winter Wedding – reasons to not worry about it

Have you recently moved from a Summer to a Winter wedding?

It has been a tough road of late with regard to weddings, hasn’t it?  Covid-19 came in like an absolute wrecking ball and caused havoc not only for the industry, but more importantly for so many couples who were looking forward to getting married.

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Of course, wedding venues in the UK were hit particularly hard by the trail of destruction, which in turn meant that couples due to be getting married in 2020, were forced to either cancel their special day, or postpone.  With such postponements, came even more turbulence in the form of wedding venue date availability.


Typically, Covid wiped out the busiest season in the wedding world.  Wedding venues in the UK have seen their diaries go crazy, with venues trying to ensure that couples who originally booked a Summer wedding, can still have the day they planned.

Moving your wedding date

With there only being 365 days in the year however, unfortunately some couples affected by Covid, won’t have been lucky enough to secure a day, or even a month, similar to their original date.

For some, this will have been heart-breaking, with the news meaning they decided to look for a new wedding venue.  Others will be more than happy to just have a day next year to get married.  Many however, will still be stuck in limbo, weighing up the differences between a Summer and Winter wedding, wondering if a date offered to them might work.


There is after all a lot to think about – flowers, wedding photography, colour schemes, decorations, the list goes on.  As a wedding photographer in Aylesbury, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be overwhelmed by these things.  Trust your wedding venue and wedding suppliers to guide you and I promise, your day will be as magical as you always imagined.

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As a wedding photographer in Gloucestershire, I’ve worked at and seen some incredible Winter wedding venues, and all is not lost because of the shorter and possibly darker days.

Speak to your venue and see what they would recommend.  Let them advise you on what they recommend, to make a feature out of your season.


Candles, for example, work wonders on a darker day.  They can make even the chilliest of days feel cosy and warm.  Pair these with some beautiful, rich foliage, and you’re onto a winner.

Cosy Winter Weddings

Rather than a fire pit outside in the evening, that draws your guest’s attention away from the dancefloor, imagine a roaring fire at the end of the night, in a comfy sitting room.  Marshmallows and s’mores tables galore, the smell of an open fireplace… Magic.

Think about the time of your ceremony.  As a wedding photographer, natural light is important for organic looking photographs.  You might want to consider moving your ceremony a little earlier in the day, to allow plenty of time for mingling and photographs.

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You may have had your heart set on a colour scheme of pinks and creams.  Consider just switching a few of your pastel pinks for richer tones and you’ll instantly create something that is totally in tune with your mood board, but fitting for the season.


Winter wedding food

Now don’t even get me started on Winter wedding menus.  Sit yourselves and your guests down, to hearty delicious Winter dishes, that are full of flavour and represent your new date.

Wedding venues in Gloucestershire, like Elmore Court, grow their own produce in their walled garden and transfer straight from garden to plate.  Speak to your caterers and see what delicious-ness they can offer in the way of seasonal, home-grown produce.

Don’t be disheartened at the prospect of not being able to have your Pimms table during drinks reception.  Switch it up for Winter Pimms or mulled wine or cider.

You may no longer feel inspired to provide lawn games and deck chairs for your guests to enjoy whilst outside, so switch these up for blankets and faux fur coats.  Charity shops tend to be great for these kinds of things and they’ll actually be items that your guests use, rather than just admire from a distance.

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As a wedding photographer in London with a background in fashion photography, the topic of clothing and styling needn’t worry you.  A fluffy faux fur shrug or a Game of Thrones style cape (if you’re thinking big!), will work wonders in keeping the chill away and styling you out.  Why not invest in matching denim or leather jackets for your bridal tribe?

The threat of muddy ground needn’t worry you – style it out with matching wellies (trust me, it makes for great photos).  Invest in some fun umbrellas and silly anoraks – whatever it is that will put smiles on your faces.


There is nothing worse than being suited and booted or in a big wedding dress on the hottest day of the year.  Poor Kerstie spent the majority of her day with a fan under her dress to keep her cool, and Richard was kitted out in a mega suit, that he couldn’t wait to get off (See Kerstie and Richards’s photos below)  Opt for a Winter wedding and being stifling hot just won’t be an issue.

Elmore Court | Kerstie & Richard

When it’s safe to do so, go back to your venue and scout around for indoor photo opportunities.  Venues like Elmore Court have striking interiors, bedrooms full of character and free standing baths that you can really make use of.  As a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes, I’ve been fortunate enough to see some amazing indoor spaces, that haven’t been fully appreciated because of the beautiful weather outside.

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It may not be the day that you had always dreamed of in some aspects, but don’t forget that regardless of the time of year or the sun in the sky, your wedding day will be nothing short of amazing, because you will be marrying your best friend.